Ficciones ~ Jorge Luis Borges ~ Silk Screens by Sol LeWitt

Imagine, if you will (and Borges did), a man who takes up the task of re-living the life of Cervantes, step by step, as if no time had passed, in order to write Don Quixote again for the twentieth century, word for word, but not referring to the original. Or imagine scholarly reviews of books which you might wish exist but don’t. Or a dramatist, facing a firing squad, who asks God to make time stand still so he can finish his masterpiece. And God complies. These are the “fictions” of Borges, the famed Argentinean writer. In this edition, the “geometries” of Sol LeWitt match the intricacies of Borges’ inventions. LeWitt has published several influential statements on the underlying theories of “conceptual art”. His modular cubes and grid structures, wall drawings, and serial graphics have been displayed at The Museum of Modern Art, where his work is in the permanent collection and at a major show at The Whitney Museum.

  • Twenty two silk screens by Sol LeWitt
  • Edition limited to 1500 numbered copies
  • Each book signed by Sol LeWitt
  • One Volume, 8¼” x 8¼”

Sol LeWitt created twenty two drawings which he calls a “counterpoint” to the text. He also designed the actual volume itself, from choosing the typeface to determining the size of the pages. Months were spent casting and composing the type. All the italics had to be set separately and cut in by hand. Each of the twenty two silkscreen prints were tipped in by hand. The volume is full bound in black leather.$ 1,150

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